About us and our mission

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To encourage companies to take
care of about their employees
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Encourage the transition from the concept of
"customer first" to the concept of "happy employee first"
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To promote the creation of conditions
for comfortable business development
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Our values

Individual approach
We understand that each client and company is unique, so we offer customized solutions that meet their needs and specifics.
We strive for the highest quality standards in all aspects of our work - from course content to customer interaction.
We are open to new ideas and technologies, always looking for ways to improve our courses and maximize the learning experience.
We are responsible for our commitments to our customers, employees, and society and society. We are committed to transparency and openness in all our activities.
We believe in the importance of partnership and cooperation with our customers and employees. Open dialog helps us to better understand the needs and desires of our stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome.
We strive not only to improve professional skills, but also to promote personal growth and a happy, balanced work life for our clients.
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Our team

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Interesting statistics

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developed courses
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100 000+
have completed our courses
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since 2015
in the online product market
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Our advantages

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Many years of experience:
  • we have been working in the field of creating content for training and elearning.
  • our experts can turn a verbal description into a masterpiece notes on a piece of paper.
Focus on results:
  • the success of our clients is our main achievement, so we use our experience to help you get the most out of your business.
Individual approach:
  • each course is developed taking into account the specifics of your business and the needs of your employees, allowing you to create effective and relevant training programs.
Flexibility and innovation:
  • we are passionate about new technologies and are always learning effective training methods that allow our clients to keep up with market demands and remain competitive.
Openness and transparency:
  • we offer our clients full transparency of the process of course development process, providing regular feedback and the opportunity to make feedback and the ability to make adjustments during the project.
An unlimited warranty:
  • we will make small adjustments to your course even after a year of development, because in our fast-paced time anything can change, so you can count on our support.
A wide range of services:
  • our company offers a variety of services, including development of training content, as well as support and consulting in the field of e-learning.
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When did our history begin and what was our mission?
Our company was founded in 2013 as a developer of software and systems for personnel management. Over time, having gained experience in optimizing personnel development processes, we realized that there was a need to structure learning processes in business, so we began to develop the direction of developing training content and implementing e-learning technologies.
Why us and how do we differ from others?
With our experience in software development, we consider the process of creating courses primarily from the point of view of a systematic approach and a clear statement of goals to be achieved within each project. We are sincerely interested in the result of our clients, so we, for our part, relying on many years of experience, will do everything to facilitate your work.
What does the process of creating each course look like?
For us, every course is an adventure. It all starts with identifying the needs of the customer's employees to develop certain skills. After that, we formulate requirements and agree on a methodology for developing training content. Next comes the process of creating and testing your course. After passing all the detailed checks, you get your custom course, which will not only save you time but also bring profit.
Why are our courses worthwhile?
Our company has been developing online courses for 6 years and we are creating a culture of quality distance learning in Ukraine. We have thousands of clients, hundreds of courses created from scratch, dozens of top companies (with whom, by the way, we still work closely) and ONE single mission - to make the learning process fun, easy, fast and high-quality!