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The training course will help to achieve 2 goals:
  • learn to communicate professionally and effectively in business
  • develop customer orientation skills
The course will be useful for customer service managers, sales managers, office managers, HR managers, project managers.
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Business communication is so different!

We have to communicate by phone, answer e-mail, write official letters, hold meetings.
Sometimes it is extremely difficult to get excited before an important meeting, or to find common ground with a " difficult client ", it happens that the first heard "Hello" can predict the further course of the conversation…
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Successful business communication includes many nuances, so in our series of courses we will consider not only the basics of business communication , but also
  • algorithm of actions in non-standard situations,
  • advice for people with developed communication skills,
  • principles of conflict resolution,
  • stages of communication and much more.
Finally, let's consolidate the knowledge gained practice .
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Join if you want to communicate effectively and professionally, achieving your goals!
This course includes the following:
Section 1.

Business correspondence

  • general rules of business correspondence (greetings, appeals, attachments, main text, signature) - rules and prohibitions
  • What is the benefit of the letter
  • email structure (to, cc, bcc, reply all, signature)
  • Email Response Time
  • Out of Office Auto Answer
  • algorithm of actions in atypical situations
  • examples of well-written letters (Ukrainian, English)
Subsection 1.1

Business correspondence

  • general design options
  • use templates
  • Hotkeys
  • word tabs: font, alignment, line spacing, page margins
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Section 2.

Telephone communication

  • pros and cons of telephone communication
  • basics of successful telephone conversations
  • features of telephone communication and stages, secrets of efficiency, phrases-connections, forbidden expressions
  • algorithm of actions in non-standard situations
  • tips for improving communication skills
  • Common customer complaints over the phone
Section 3.

Business meeting

  • stages of business communication: establishing contact, clarifying the situation, discussion, argumentation, summarizing
  • useful techniques
  • expert advice
  • People with advanced communication skills - what are they?
  • nervous before the meeting - what to do?
Subsection 3.1

Business etiquette at the table

  • rules of conduct and manners
  • knife, fork, spoon - what for
  • buffet, buffet, business lunch
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Section 4.

Communication with difficult clients

  • difficult client - who is he?
  • The criteria by which the client evaluates the company as a whole and the contact person in particular
  • objections and stages of working with them
  • how to act in difficult professional situations
  • principles of conflict resolution
Section 5.

Workshop on business communication and customer orientation

Course 1
  • write a request letter, re-letter, have a phone conversation
  • situations that demonstrate the importance of establishing call forwarding or answering when away from work
  • What is customer focus and integrity in working with examples
  • Dialogue with an angry customer
  • "Sorry, my workday is over ситуа" situation
  • The situation is "my colleague's fault
  • quotes from famous businessmen
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Course 2
  • determine the strength of the first "Hello"
  • Callback situation or telephone football
  • Answer Call situation
  • we determine by examples how to send information in the attached file, the importance of the cover letter
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