TOP-5 most effective types of assignments in an online course in 2023

Online learning is a great opportunity for learning and professional development. But creating a course is not just for show! The course should be informative, understandable, and interesting so that students are enthusiastic about improving their knowledge. The effectiveness of online course assignments depends on the specific course topic and learning objectives, as well as […]

Storyline VS Rise

Today we will talk about what tools are used when creating courses, and also consider their differences. Let’s start with the fact that each course is created in a certain constructor with a certain functionality. We use the Articulate 360 package in our work, which contains constructors for creating online courses of various types, the […]

Turnkey online-course development

What is included in the concept of “Turnkey online-course development”? How is the process of creating a course? What do you get in the end? So many questions that can be an obstacle on the way to creating an effective training system! Spoiler: creating an online course is hard work. But after a month or […]