Who would benefit from online courses and why it is important to develop them 2023?

PG-Group company has been developing turnkey courses for online learning for 6 years. Simply put, we create content based on your materials and take into account your wishes for end users.

Who can benefit from this?


With the help of a customized and effective online employee training system, you can automate a training system that will not require constant investment in trainers for new employees and take up the working time of your top specialists for manual knowledge monitoring. This will allow you to automate the onboarding new employees, constantly updating and monitoring their level of knowledge.

Speakers, coaches, trainers

The created online course will allow you to start earning passive income. You no longer need to spend a lot of time on similar webinars and consultations answering the same questions. Create a product that you can sell to your customers without wasting time. The ability to set up a convenient payment for your course will allow you to fully automate this process.

Non-commercial public organizations (NGO)

An incredible number of “soft” projects are implemented every day. All of them are characterised by the arrangement of typical offline and online meetings revealing similar topics, duplication of projects for different audiences and the eternal problem of not having enough beneficiaries, etc. Make the learning process convenient and effective for your students. The money saved on renting a hotel for the conference can be invested in creating an online course that will allow you to automate the project monitoring process. This knowledge will be at your fingertips at any time and you will be able to share it with others without having to recount what was discussed at the conference.

Professional unions

The country’s stable development depends on the development of each individual sector and each employee in that sector. Let’s create a culture of continuous training of specialists so that in a few years our children will live in a European country with a high standard of living.


The main advantage of e-learning is that you, as a customer, have an established storehouse of knowledge that you can share without investing resources in relocation, renting premises, training services, etc.
We will shorten your way from point A to point B with the latest solutions!


Different types of information presentation and user interaction:

  • linear course (text, images, animations, characters, testing),
  • interactive course with dialogues (branching of the storyline, dialog simulators, interactive slides, voice acting and detailed graphics),
  • animated story/quest (non-linear story, quest format game with internal gamification, simulation of events and various scenarios).

Developing a distance learning course allows you to quickly and efficiently

  • Adapt and complete the basic professional training of a new employee
  • Update knowledge or tell existing employees about innovations
  • As a professional in your field, improve the skills of other specialists, using the course as a basis for your mentoring.


Continuous learning is a key component of professional growth. The world is moving at an incredible speed and we need to constantly improve in order to keep up. Online learning is entering people’s lives at an even faster pace and is becoming a must-have in professional life.

Be innovative and efficient to increase your profits, and we will help you with this!