How to effectively present information in an online training course in 2023?

Presenting information in a visually appealing and logical format is a very important element of an effective online course.

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Here are some recommendations on how to present information in your online course:

1. Use multimedia tools

Use videos, photos, illustrations, and graphs to create an engaging visual design. These tools can help learners better understand the material and visually remember the information provided.

2. Use a structured form

Divide the material into several blocks and structure it logically. Use headings, colors, fonts, numbering of topics and sub-topics, etc. to help students navigate the material.

3. Use italics or bold

Use italics or bold to emphasize key words and ideas in the material.

4. Provide the opportunity to re-view the material

Allow learners to revisit the material whenever they have time. For example, video lectures can be stored on the course platform or YouTube, while textual material can be downloaded to your device or cloud storage.

5. Use interactive elements

Add interactive elements to the material, such as quizzes, tests, assignments, and other interactive tasks. This can help students learn better by engaging with the material.

6. Provide an opportunity to discuss the material

Create a forum or group to discuss the material covered in the course. This can help to engage students in discussion and maintain their interest in the subject matter, as well as develop students’ critical thinking by requiring them to consider the views and arguments of other participants in the discussion.