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Information about the course
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Classic eyelash extensions

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Training course

  • A budget option for developing a course based on your materials.
  • Convenient functionality.
  • Clear and accessible presentation of information.
  • The course is full of pictures, videos, interactives, and voiceovers for effective learning.
  • The author's illustrations and easy-to-follow interactives make the course easy to understand and effective for learning.
You hit the nail on the head!

To familiarize people who want to become eyelash extension specialists with the basic aspects of this profession. The course provides for the possibility of continuing training with a practical part offline, having previously acquired theoretical knowledge.

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Adapted for viewing on mobile phones.

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The main theses are presented in text, and a large number of additional explanations are in the form of audio files.

Interactives used: unfolding blocks, flipping cards, clicking on markers in the picture, dragging elements to the correct places

Demo video
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