Collage of photos from the Information Security course.
Information about the course
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Information security

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Course in comic book format

  • Graphics in the style of a comic book.
  • Multi-format tasks at each location.
  • Change the course scenario depending on user actions.
  • Explanation of the decisions made and their evaluation.
  • Dosed material supply.
  • A clear scenario.
  • Interesting practical examples.
  • Custom course protagonists.
  • Easy-to-understand information.
  • Soundtrack.
You hit the nail on the head!

Help company employees recognize potential cybersecurity threats and make informed decisions.

Help participants avoid cybersecurity incidents and respond to possible threats in a timely manner.

Increase the responsibility of participants for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of digital data.

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Simulation of certain life situations with the need to choose the right solution from several possible ones (feedback on each option).

The condition for moving on is making the right decisions.

Interactive slides with learning information (drag and drop an item, answer a question without grading with extended feedback, view additional pop-ups).

Demo video
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