Polina Leshchynska
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I am thrilled to recommend PG-GROUP (learn.Solutions) for the online “Classic Lash Extensions” course development . As the business owner I had the pleasure of working with you and your team who are turned to be responsible and absolutely professional.

I was continuously impressed by the knowledge you have and how you are staying on top of the latest in the field. Your employees combine sharp analysis skills with a strong intuition, and I always knew I could rely on them to meet deadlines and exceed my expectations.

My online course turned to be extremely understandable, fashionable and interactive to all of my students.

With that said, I am highly confident in my recommendation and believe that PG-GROUP (learn.Solutions) be a great chose of those who is willing create an educational course online. If you would like to speak further about my experience working with PG-GROUP (learn.Solutions) please email me at p.leshchynska@gmail.com or call me at +1(226) 989 81 37.

Polina Leshchynska