Kateryna Dudkina
Strategic Communication and Policy Advisor
USAID Health Care Reform Support Project
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The USAID Healthcare Reform Support Project collaborated with PG Group LLC to develop an online course "Effective Communications for Healthcare Facilities" in 2023, which is available on the NHSU Academy platform (https://academy.nszu.gov.ua).

The highly professional team of PG Group LLC has extensive expertise in creating distance learning courses. The team has developed many modern interactive course components, illustrations, quizzes, multimedia elements, and tests that made the course interesting and increased the level of learning by the students.

The course is designed to be user-friendly. It is adaptable to be completed both on a computer and on a mobile phone, which is especially important for training healthcare workers now, during a full-scale invasion.

It is also worth noting the client-oriented approach of the PG Group team. They were very attentive to the wishes of the course trainers, proactively offered solutions, and were creative in creating interactive elements and exercises.

The USAID Health Care Reform Support Project's communications team highly appreciates the cooperation with PG Group LLC and definitely recommends this company as a contractor for the development of modern interactive online courses.

Sincerely yours
Kateryna Dudkina