Olena Smushchenko
Director of Human Resources
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We, VIVAT TRADING LLC, provide this letter of recommendation to PG-GROUP (Learn.Solutions), is based on our positive experience of cooperation in developing interactive online courses for our organization.

We would like to emphasize the successful projects that have already been jointly implemented:
1. Courses created for the Kite brand are an information line that describes the brand, its features and benefits in detail. An important aspect of this course is the user's ability to view only those parts that interest him or her thanks to convenient and clear navigation. During the training process, the user gets acquainted with the features of different product lines in the form of interactive modules, and also has the opportunity to view a catalog with detailed product photos and brand licenses. Each user is accompanied by a virtual consultant who helps to focus on important details. In addition, the consultant teaches sales techniques and effective approaches to consulting the customer according to their needs. Each module ends with a short test to make sure that the user has carefully completed the training and mastered the knowledge.
2. Courses for stationery brands (Axent, KOH-I-NOR, Centropen, Unimax, KUM, Edding) also offer a wide range of training materials. Each course offers interesting interactive modules, dialogues, and testing both during and after the training. Convenient navigation and a special design of each module maximize the user's attention throughout the training. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, focusing on the most important points, but and contains all the necessary details.

All courses provide a convenient and effective way to improve skills, which has helped to improve the knowledge and skills of our employees. We strive to ensure that the courses are as useful as possible, and that they are engaging and easy to use.

We are confident that the development of interactive online courses will bring our company significant success and contribute to the sustainable development of employees and customers.

We will be glad to cooperate in the future!

Sincerely yours, Director of Human Resources
Olena Smushchenko