What problems and tasks are expected to be solved as a result of studying this online course?
Description of the desired behavior of students after completing the online course
Age of users who will take this course.
Expected information about the geographical location to be considered
If this can be determined, we will be grateful for a description of the scope of activities of potential users of the course
What should be the language of the course?
Approximate number of hours the user should spend on this course
Is it necessary to translate the course content into the required language using the Contractor's resources?
You need to specify the total amount in the format HOURS:MINUTES
Our company provides the opportunity to use a distance learning system for training your employees or clients in the cloud or install it on the Customer's resources
You need to indicate in days how much time we have for development from the moment we agree on all the conditions
Indicate the percentage of readiness of the training content to be used in the course development
It would be nice to indicate a preliminary estimated project amount or expectations