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Who wants to become a millionaire

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Knowledge test

  • An interactive and engaging format for testing employees' knowledge.
  • A bank of questions with four answers.
  • Points are awarded for each correct answer.
  • Throughout the game, users have the opportunity to use three simulated hints: help from the audience, 50/50, and a call to a friend.
  • Hinting algorithms can be set to make things even more realistic and not always correct.
Потрапили прямо у ціль!

test the level of knowledge of employees about the company's activities and history in the format of a well-known game with canonical interactivity and constant scoring, which causes excitement among users.

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The user chooses the answer to the question on their own or with the help of three types of hints:

audience help - a pop-up window appears on the screen showing the percentage of answers selected by the "audience" using the columns of the chart, the correct answer is the one with the highest percentage;

50/50 - when you select this hint, two of the answer options disappear, and the remaining two are the most likely;

call a friend hint - gives the exact answer to the question by appearing in a pop-up window.

you can use each of the hints only once during the entire game.

time to respond is limited, only 1 minute.

Demo video
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