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Information about the course
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OKR methodology

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Interactive course

  • An accessible and interesting presentation of information about one of the most effective project management methods used in modern management.
  • It provides for the synchronization of team and individual goals.
  • Ensuring effective control over the implementation of the assigned tasks.
  • The course explains everything as simply as possible.
  • If the user hasn't mastered the training information or has some doubts, the course will ask you to repeat it.
You hit the nail on the head!

To familiarize the company's employees with the globally popular project management methodology and show them how it can and should be be applied in their work.

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A linear scenario with end-to-end interactivity.

The interactivity of the course provides for the full assimilation of new knowledge and contributes to to the successful completion of the course.

Incorporating practical tasks with imitation of the corporate system interface.

Voice-over of characters and voice-over commentary.

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We received positive feedback from users.

The Customer's desire to translate the course into English for their branches abroad.

Demo video
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