A collage of photos from the meat sommelier course.
Information about the course
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Meat sommelier

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Package of linear courses

  • Linear courses with an adequate ratio of educational material and interactions.
  • Despite the large amount of information, the course is easy to understand by immersing the user in history.
  • The main requirements for an employee in the workplace are described in detail.
  • Information about his rights and obligations is clearly provided.
  • The game format includes a description of the main products (their types, names, storage conditions and terms, main properties, composition, and tips for selling each item).
You hit the nail on the head!

Provide an opportunity for all employees to study the product range and requirements in a convenient format.

Reduce the adaptation time of a new employee.

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A linear course with voiceover and lots of animation.

Up to 20% of the material is presented in the form of ungraded questions with feedback and short interactions - dragging elements to the right places, clicking on icons and buttons.

At the end of each part of the course, there is a small test with a grade.

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The course helped familiarize newcomers with their rights and responsibilities to avoid conflict situations and adapt them to the workplace.

If the user has not mastered the training information or has some doubts, the course will ask you to repeat it.

Demo video
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